Below are some of the more common questions we get asked during the soccer season. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find an answer to your question. Thank you.

Start, End, Duration

Q – When does House League season start?
A – House League Soccer starts the first Monday in May.

Q – How many times per week do the kids get to play?
A – House League Soccer is twice per week either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Leaving your weekends open to do as you please.

Q – How long is the house league Season?
A – House League Soccer is twice per week and lasts for 12 weeks culminating on Saturday July 22nd with our annual Day of Champions. Our Day of Champions is a mini tournament and all teams play on this day. The players receive a hot dog, pop/water and a bag of chips along with their award for their participation. There are clowns for face painting and balloon animals.

Q – How old does my child need to be to start playing soccer?
A – They must be turning 4 years of age before Dec. 31st of the current year. We require that a parent or guardian be present at all events in case of cancellation or emergency.



Q – What if it rains? Will Soccer be cancelled?
A – Soccer is not generally cancelled due to rain unless the fields are very wet which does not happen very often, we have very good drainage. Soccer will be cancelled if there is lightning in the area, which we monitor very closely. Visit this website prior to the next game for weather notifications.

Q – How do I know if my child’s game is cancelled?
A – You will be informed by your coach when soccer has been cancelled,  or you can also visit our website at for up to date information. If bad weather is predictable far enough in advance, we may issue an email alert.

Q – If we are at the field and we start to see lightning what should we do?
A – We monitor the situation very closely using Doppler Radar and a Lighting detection system that alerts us to lightning being too close to the fields. If lightning is detected too close to the fields we will sound an air horn at which time you are asked to seek shelter in your car. We wait 20 minutes to see if the area clears. If so we will resume play. Visit our weather policy page to learn more.

Q – What if I don’t have a car to seek shelter in?
A – You can seek shelter in the arena



Q – How can I register?
A – We encourage everyone to register online 2020 Registration 

Q – What forms of payment do you accept?
A – You can pay online with Visa or MasterCard  while you are registering online. 
We offer in person cash or cheque for exceptional circumstances. 

Q – Is their financial assistance for soccer registration?
A – Financial assistance may be available for families on limited incomes. Application for these programs is made through the administration of the Town of Lakeshore.

Q –  How do I get a tax receipt?
A – Please email belleriversoccerinfo@gmail.com

Q – How do I get a refund?
A – Please send an email to belleriversoccerinfo@gmail.com including the player’s name and reason for the request

Q – What equipment do I need for my child to play soccer and what is supplied?
A – The league supplies a jersey, shorts and socks for regular youth House League season. You need to provide shin pads which are mandatory. Soccer cleats are optional but highly recommended to avoid injuries. No child will be allowed on the field without proper equipment. 

Q – Can jewellery be worn during games and practices?
A – No item of jewellery of any sort will be allowed on the field of play, even if it is ‘taped’.
This includes but not limited to necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather or rubber bands or visible body piercings. Loose beaded hair is also not permitted unless tied back or covered by a net.
Exceptions to this interpretation are:
• Smooth wedding bands, which, when the referee is convinced cannot be removed may be taped.
• Medic Alert Bracelets are allowed but must be taped. The taping should be such that the description of the medical problem is clearly visible.
 Visit our jewellery page to learn more.

Q – Can tape be put on earrings so they don’t have to be removed?
A – No they cannot be taped. Earrings must be removed prior to any games or practices. They pose a danger to the child.

Q – How do I register to coach?
A – If you are registering online, there is a place for you to fill out your volunteer request.  If you are filling out a registration form, you will be given an email address to send your request.  Once we begin to form teams, the convener will be in touch with you.

Q – Does the club provide training for coaches?
A – BelleRiverSoccer is committed to the training of our coaches in order that our players receive the best experience possible.  To that end, we will reimburse coaches for completing training offered by the Ontario Soccer Association.  We also offer in-house coach training every spring.

Q – I would like to volunteer, what sort of help does the club need?
A – There are many different ways to get involved in the club.  Here is a list of some of them:
Assistant Coaches
House League Conveners
Equipment Organizers
Executive Positions
Short Term Projects (tournaments etc)
When you complete your registration, just select your preferred volunteer role.  

Q – When will I know what team my child has been assigned to?
A – The team’s head coach will contact you around the end of April to introduce themselves and let you know what date, time and field to be at.

Q – What is the difference between House League and Travel Soccer?
A- House League (Recreational and Development) simply means the child is playing soccer for fun. The season is shorter and the games and skill level is simple.
Travel (Competitive, Representative) means the child is playing in order to pursue soccer.  The games are more competitive and the skill level is higher.

Q – My child wants to try out for a  Travel team.  What are the added commitments?
A – Teams in our travel programs practice 1 to 3 times per week and play one game per week.  They may also attend 1-3 tournaments per season. See the Program Guide for further information.

Outdoor Soccer

Q – When does registration start?
A – Registration for summer programs begins on Day of Champs.  The early bird runs from Day of Champs through to January.  There is a price increase on February 1st when we begin detailed season planning, and another increase on April 1st due once teams have been assembled.  Your registration is considered complete once you have submitted the waiver, online and providing payment.

Q – Do Travel teams (competitive teams) really travel?
A – Games are played within defined OSA maximum distances by age group, typically in Essex County.

Q – When does the outdoor season start?
A – The outdoor season starts after May 3rd and runs until July 22nd, for Development and Recreation, and into early September for travel teams. 

Q – How do I tell what age group my child is in?
A – We use your child’s birthyear.  eg. Someone 9 yrs old on December 31 would be U10 for the following year even if they turned 10 January 1st.

Q – What equipment do I need?
A – Development and recreational players will need soccer shin guards, soccer socks, and comfortable shorts (no zippers). We recommend that all players wear outdoor soccer cleats. We will provide either a training shirt or jersey, depending on your program.  Representative players will need soccer shin guards and outdoor cleats.  Please note that OSA Published Rules prohibit the wearing of any jewelry on the field.

Q – Can I wear a hat/headwear
• Hats – No hats are allowed on the field of play.
Exceptions to this interpretation are:
1. The goalkeeper may wear a hat with a soft brim
2. A player may be permitted for medical reasons on the presentation of a letter signed by a medical professional and validated by the District Association and a copy to the OSA.
a. the hat may not be a baseball cap, and
b. If cap has a peak it must face forwards and have a soft peak. and
c. contains no metal or plastic parts
• Bandanas – no bandanas are allowed.
• Sweat bands – no sweatbands are allowed.
• Head protectors: only those permitted by FIFA are allowed.
• Eyeglasses: are allowed if they are sports spectacles and are safe for the players themselves and for other players. Materials such as metal or glass are not acceptable. In recreational and house league games referees are expected to show common sense and allow spectacles as long as the basic principals of Law 4 are met.
For all WOS Soccer recreational (house league) games, referees are expected to apply the basic principles (ensure that glasses are not broken or have a sharp edge). However, at the recreational level, the “streetwear” eyeglasses are acceptable to the club and referees are directed to let the players play while wearing these eyeglasses. Note that wearing non-prescription eyeglasses (i.e. pure sunglasses) is not acceptable by any player at any time.

Q – Orthopedic Supports, e.g. Knee Braces
A – FIFA Circular 863 states that the vast majority of commercially manufactured supports are safe to use. The major concern is not the ‘hardness’ of the equipment alone, rather that any part of it can cut or wound another player. Any support must be safe for all players, and adequately padded and covered if necessary.

Q – Casts
A – Players wearing a soft cast will be permitted to play if the cast does not present a danger to him/herself or any other player. All casts must be adequately padded by suitable material such as foam or “bubble wrap”.

Q – Prosthetics
A – A player wearing a prosthetic device should be allowed to play providing the basic principals of Law 4 are met.

Q – Footwear
A – Referees are encouraged to incorporate a footwear inspection in the pre-match safety check of players’ equipment. – Poorly maintained studs or blades on the sole of the boot can constitute a danger. – When inspecting footwear, referees are to be alert to the possibility of the edge of the blades or studs developing rough areas on either the plastic or metal used in their construction. -These burrs can become very sharp and have been the cause of lacerations to opponents. A referee who is concerned over the condition of blades or studs should refuse their use until such time as the unsafe condition has been removed.
Q – Jerseys
A – All jerseys must have sleeves. The players may not roll the sleeves up or tie them at the shoulder level.

Q – What types of adult soccer do you offer in the Summer?
A – We offer Men’s and Women’s open age and age restricted teams. 
We offer Adult Co-ED FUN league. 

Q – Now that I have registered, what happens next?
A – House League.  You will receive an email or call from your child’s coach at least a week before season kick-off which is the first week of May.  
The coach will provide you with a schedule and where your games will be each week.
The regular outdoor season games are played on the same days each week.
You can follow along on the website once you have your child’s team number.

A – Travel – You will be required to attend player assessments. It is your responsibility to know when those sessions are being held.
Tryouts – Assessments take place in September depending on the age and level of team you are trying out for. If you are not successful in making a representative team you must notify the club if you would like to be placed on a recreational team.

Q – How are Recreational league teams formed?
A – The main focus of our house league is to form teams that are as even as possible.  Convenors use information from previous coaches, as well as age to create the teams. At some levels there will be a sort-out session in order to even the teams. There are no tryouts for any of our Rec teams.

Q – How far will I have to travel for my child to play soccer in the summer?
A – All games for House League take place at the ATC.

Games for Travel take place in Windsor, Tecumseh, Lasalle, Amherstburg and Leamington. 

Q – Do you have make-up games for games that are cancelled?
A – Unfortunately, we do not have the field time or space to re-schedule all of the games that are cancelled due to weather.  We will attempt to re-schedule house league games to a weekend.  Often times though, two house league teams may decide to re-play their game on one of their practice nights and fields.

Q – What happens if my child tries out for a Representative team but isn’t selected?
A – If your child is not selected for a Representative team and you would like him/her to play on a recreational team, you must make that request to the office. If your child was registered with the Club before April 1 you will receive the early registration fee for summer recreation soccer.  Tryout fees are non-refundable so if your child does not make a representative team and you do not want them to play in our recreational league, you do not need to do anything else.

Q – What do I do if the weather is bad?
A – Games and practices may be cancelled due to inclement weather or poor field conditions. It is in the referee’s discretion to cancel a game should he/she deem that to be necessary.  Belle River Soccer issues a REMIND program update and website update.

Q – Do I need a player card?
A – If you are a travel player over the age of 12 you are required to have their OSA ID card with them at all games. 
This card uses a digital photo that must conform to the specs required for the card printer. 
The photo card is valid for three years for Youth players and five years for Adult players

Indoor Soccer

Q – When does registration start?

A – Indoor registration begins in August.  The early registration discount period ends mid-September. After the early registration period, additional fees apply.

Q – How long is the indoor season?
A – The indoor season begins in the second week of October. The Program Guide gives details on program lengths.

Q – What equipment do I need?
A – You will need soccer shin guards, soccer socks, and comfortable shorts (no zippers). We recommend wearing outdoor soccer cleats on our indoor turf. We will provide either a training shirt or jersey, depending on your program. If you are playing in a gymnasium, you can wear either running shoes, or indoor soccer shoes.

Q – What do I do if the weather is bad?
A – Our programs will continue to run through most weather conditions.  The only time we would cancel programs is if we were unable to keep access lanes clean for emergency vehicles to approach the building.  In the outstanding circumstance where we cancel programs, a notice will be posted on this website.