Below are some of the more common questions we get asked during the soccer season. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find an answer to your question. Thank you.

Start, End, Duration

Q – When does House League season start?
A – House League Soccer starts the first Monday in May.

Q – How many times per week do the kids get to play?
A – House League Soccer is twice per week either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Leaving your weekends open to do as you please.

Q – How long is the house league Season?
A – House League Soccer is twice per week and lasts for 12 weeks culminating on Saturday July 22nd with our annual Day of Champions. Our Day of Champions is a mini tournament and all teams play on this day. The players receive a hot dog, pop/water and a bag of chips along with their award for their participation. There are clowns for face painting and balloon animals.

Q – How old does my child need to be to start playing soccer?
A – They must be turning 4 years of age before Dec. 31st of the current year.



Q – What if it rains? Will Soccer be cancelled?
A – Soccer is not generally cancelled due to rain unless the fields are very wet which does not happen very often, we have very good drainage. Soccer will be cancelled if there is lightning in the area, which we monitor very closely. Visit this website prior to the next game for weather notifications.

Q – How do I know if my child’s game is cancelled?
A – You will be informed by your coach when soccer has been cancelled,  or you can also visit our website at for up to date information. If bad weather is predictable far enough in advance, we may issue an email alert.

Q – If we are at the field and we start to see lightning what should we do?
A – We monitor the situation very closely using Doppler Radar and a Lighting detection system that alerts us to lightning being too close to the fields. If lightning is detected too close to the fields we will sound an air horn at which time you are asked to seek shelter in your car. We wait 20 minutes to see if the area clears. If so we will resume play. Visit our weather policy page to learn more.

Q – What if I don’t have a car to seek shelter in?
A – You can seek shelter in the arena



Q – What equipment do I need for my child to play soccer and what is supplied?
A – The league supplies a jersey, shorts and socks. You need to provide shin pads which are mandatory. Soccer cleats are optional but highly recommended to avoid injuries. No child will be allowed on the field without proper equipment.

Q – Can jewellery be worn during games and practices?
A – Absolutely no jewellery (ear rings, necklaces, etc) is allowed to be worn during games or practices.  Visit our jewellery page to learn more.

Q – Can tape be put on earrings so they don’t have to be removed?
A – No they cannot be taped. Earrings must be removed prior to any games or practices. They pose a danger to the child.

Q – When will I know what team my child has been assigned to?
A – The team’s head coach will contact you around the end of April to introduce themselves and let you know what date, time and field to be at.

Q – Is their financial assistance for soccer registration?
A – Financial assistance may be available for families on limited incomes. Application for these programs is made through the administration of the Town of Lakeshore.

Q –  How do I get a tax receipt?
A – If you register through our online system a receipts will be issued through email at the time. If you register in person, you will be given a receipt.