Important Dates

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  1. I'm a coach in the U19 division, and I was wondering if we're going to have the weather/field condition banner back in the new site? It was really handy in bad weather. Thanks
    • admin
      Hi Jeff, Thanks for the input. The Weather/Field Conditions Banner was a custom option that we were unable to carry over to the new website. We are working to come up with a suitable replacement. For the time being, there is a slide on the new website that will alert you to changes in field conditions. As always, our referees and Belle River Soccer Board members will be on hand at the fields to make game time decisions when necessary.
  2. When will your travel tryouts be? Specifically G15's and what is the fee? Thanks
    • admin
      Hi Beth, Travel tryouts are September 10th and 11th at 10 am. I believe the fee is $450. I could be wrong.

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