Staying Connected

Member Profiles

In order to provide a safe and secure registration experience for our membership, Belle River Soccer utilizes an online tool called SportsEngine.  This tool also serves as our primary means of communication with our membership.

We have recently been made aware that our e-mails may not be making it to all our members.  Unfortunately, this is by design to both respect your inbox and to comply with anti-spam legislation.  Please consider the following points to ensure you are keeping updated on club happenings.

  1. Our e-mails are typically limited to the following groups:
    • Participants of programs from last season
    • Registrants of programs for the current / upcoming season
    • Members of our Club Updates Mailing List
  2. Have you specified (and verified) an e-mail under your Sports Engine profile?
    (Detailed steps coming via our Sports Engine Help Page)
  3. Have you enabled e-mails under “Notification Settings” page?
    (Detailed steps coming via our Sports Engine Help Page)
  4. Have you added the following to the “safe senders” list of your e-mail client?
  5. Follow us on social media as an additional information source