We are looking for Referees!


‘If you are 14 years of age as of March 31st and would like to become a soccer referee, please register at

  • Select ‘Essex’ district and search
  • Choose one of the courses available and follow onscreen instructions

If you have any questions please email Dan at

Belle River Soccer is interested in developing local talent to be our next great county referees. 
All our referees are sanctioned and certified.

Looking to make some money this summer?
Love Soccer?
Want some work experience for the resume?
What to keep in shape?

All our referees  are required to complete a training course that allows them to be a sanctioned OSA referee.

This also means you will be eligible to ref any Essex County Soccer games. Dan Pipitone (Head Ref) will provide more details.

What we currently pay?

(pay could increase due to minimum wage changes)
U11-19 age $25/game  (70minute games)
U7-10 age $20/game  (60minute games)
Assistance $15/game (only used for Day of Champs, Travel Festivals, and Travel Games)
Payment is immediate (same night pay)

What days will I ref?
House League Games are always Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
6pm, 7pm, 7:30pm. We assign most referees 2 games per night.  You can work full time games if you ask.
You will communicate your availability to Dan.

What is involved?
A Belle River Soccer Referee will need to arrive at least 10 minutes
before each game, report to Dan our head referee Coordinator.  Collect your game ball and arrive to your assigned field. Inspect field.  Call for Captains and begin games.  Games begin at different times depending on division and the referee will be briefed on the divisions’ rules and start times. After you have completed your assigned game(s), you will fill out your game sheets, submit the score in our new score and standings program and receive your payment that same night.  You will only receive payment AFTER you have registered the scores.  Coaches will no longer track or record scores. Only referees will.

When am I paid?
Payment is immediate. You are paid that same night. Most referees will ref 2 games per night.  



Who is my boss?
Dan Pipitone is one of Essex County’s most qualified referees and is our Head Referee.  He will conduct interviews with anyone who is interested in being a referee.  
Anyone who misses an assigned game, will not be assigned another game.





How often can I Ref?
You can ask for full time 
You will be assigned mostly 2 games per night.
In addition our most professional referees will be assigned for:
Travel Festivals
Belle River INTER Soccer Tournament
August Small Sided Soccer Games
September to October 3v3 Soccer Tournament
Winter Indoor Soccer League

Contact for any more information regarding referees!

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