House League

Belle River Soccer House League is a community-based recreational league open to all players of any skill level and ability. Our House League program is strategically designed to offer fun and excitement to children in a team format, while supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for all players. It is divided into age appropriate divisions.  EVERYONE CAN PLAY.

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U4 Monday/Wednesdays(Birth year 2014) Rosters
U4 Tuesdays/Thursdays(Birth year 2014) Rosters
U5 and U6 Mondays/Wednesdays(Birth years 2013/2012) Rosters
U5 Tuesdays/Thursdays(Birth year 2013) Rosters
U6 Tuesdays/Thursdays(Birth year 2012) Rosters
U8 Boys (Birth year 2011 and 2010) Rosters
U8 Girls (Birth year 2011 and 2010) Rosters
U10 Boys(Birth year 2009 and 2008) Rosters
U10 Girls(Birth year 2009 and 2008) Rosters
U12 Boys(Birth year 2007 and 2006) Rosters
U12 Girls(Birth year 2007 and 2006) Rosters
U14 Boys(Birth year 2005 and 2004) Rosters
U14 Girls(Birth year 2005 and 2004) Rosters
U19 Mixed(Birth year 2003,2002,2001,2000,1999) Rosters

Belle River Soccer FIELD MAP (ZOOM) 

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2018 House League Season Divisions and Game Days 

Tiny Tot Registration includes:  
Soccer Ball, Uniform, Games, and day of champs per player.

Tiny Tots u4   

Birth Year 2014      Field Size (5v5)      Size 3 ball
Boy and Girls play on same teams  
You pick:  Monday & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays

Tiny Tots u5   

Birth Year 2013        Field Size (5v5)      Size 3 ball
Boys and Girls play on same teams  
You pick:   Monday & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays

Tiny Tots u6  

Birth Year 2012        Field Size (5v5)       Size 3 ball
Boys and Girls play on same teams    
You pick:  Monday  & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays

All other registration fees include:  
Uniform, Soccer Season and Day of Champs per player

U8 (u7&u8)   

Birth Year 2011/10   Field Size  (7v7)      Size 4 ball
Boys: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm & 7pm   
Girls:  Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm & 7pm

U10 (u9&u10) 

Birth Year 2009/08   Field Size (7v7)      Size 4 ball
Boys:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm & 7pm  Girls:  
Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm & 7pm   

U12 (u11&u12) 

Birth Year 2007/06 Field Size (9v9)      Size 4 ball
Boys:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm & 7pm   
Girls:  Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm &7pm  

U14 (u13&u14) 

Birth Year 2005/04  Field Size (11v11)   Size 5 ball
Boys: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm & 7pm on Field 1  
** Girls: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm & 7pm  on Field 2**

High School Division 

U19   (u15,u16,u17,u18,u19)  Birth Year 2003/02/01/00   
Field Size 11v11       Size 5 ball
Boys and girls play on same teams  
Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm and 7:30pm

House League Season 2

August Tuesday and Thursdays


Enter your family.  Select your country name.  Your family/team will play other family-Teams in a round robin format.  September to October 2018.  3v3  Soccer.    Will your family be crowned world cup champs?  

Explaining the u19 Division

We just want to take a moment and explain to you the rational behind the seemingly improbably u19 Division, (which includes u15,u16,u17,u18 players).  Parents often are concerned that the age difference can be pretty significant and worry that a u19 boy is playing against a u15 girl and either will not pass the ball or be too rough.  It is our experience that the u15 girl is just as aggressive as the u19 boy and the players do pass to each other. After all, this is a fun league.

Why this division?

The only reason we do it this way is because we do not have the numbers to make the sub-divisions work.  It has been very difficult to find enough players in any of these single age groups (u15, u16, u17, u18)  to form their own teams.   We have historically struggled to find enough players, in either gender to even create 2, let alone 4, 11v11 teams.  They are high school kids. They have jobs and other distractions and enrollment in these age groups in any youth sport is rare.  Therefore, to ensure we do offer soccer for our “High School Age Players” we combine these age groups together.  They are all High School ages.  

Please allow us to be clear.  We are completely OPEN to creating: 

1) All girls high school division 
2) All boys high school division 
3) Subdividing the divisions to u16 and u18.  And splitting the genders.  
4) Cross playing / Playing similar age groups from other clubs 

We simply need the numbers to support it. For example;  To create two  u16 11v11 teams, we need at least 28 players born in 2003 and 2002.    Believe it or not, we do not get that.

What if there is there IS enough for 2 teams? 

Example:  We find 28 boys and girls OR just boys and just girls who are u15 and u16.  So we can make 2 teams 
They would play each other every week and in our experience, they won’t have much fun playing the same team each week, unless the teams are very evenly matched.  But we would do it.  We just don’t get the numbers.

What if it’s not 11v11,  What if you turned High School Divisions into small sided games? 

We will be looking into small sided games for the high school kids: 

3v3 or 5v5  High School Division  or  Mixed Subdivision ex:  u15 mixed  or Gender Specific Subdivision ex:  u16 Boys  and u16 Girls
3v3 league (a team of 6 players) played on smaller fields.
For a new small sided division to happen, we need to make sure the players want this.  Many players want traditional 11v11 soccer.   
This summer, we will be asking players and parents for feedback and piloting an August program to see if it works.  

At any rate, we are open to any positive changes to our high school division as long as the numbers can support it. 

Belle River Soccer retains the right to make any change or alteration or modification to any roster, team or division at any time for any reason without notice. In addition we may remove a player, parent, coach or spectator from a practice, game or our fields at our discretion.