House League

Prices, Divisions and Important Dates for House League

A list of important dates for the 2020 house league season can be downloaded using the following link:

Prices, Divisions and Important Dates for House League 2020

Player Requests

Belle River Soccer does not accept requests pertaining to players playing on specific teams.  Coaches have the privilege of one player selection per team.  If you would like to have a child play on a specific team please volunteer to coach. It will be a great experience.

Belle River Soccer refund policy

House League Refunds will be allowed up to, and including March 31st.  Belle River Soccer retains a $10.00 administration fee for each registrant requiring a refund up until this date.  No refund requests will be granted to any House League registrant after March 31st.

Requests for refunds should be submitted by e-mail to

Please note: the Belle River Soccer Board of Directors retains the right to refund any amount at any time to any player, depending on, and after evaluating, what the Board views as exceptional circumstance.  This applies to House League and Travel soccer registrants

[Amendment: 2020-05-14] Pandemic Refund Policy
The postponement or cancellation of a soccer season hurts us all.  As such, Belle River Soccer will offer and strongly encourage members to participate in an adjusted season schedule, or transfer their registrations to the equivalent program in the following year.  Should these options be deemed unacceptable, the refund policy detailed above will still apply.

[Amendment: 2020-09-01] 2020 Refund Deadline

As summer comes to an end, refunds for the 2020 House League season are now closed.  The club appreciates the number of registrants willing to transfer their registration to the 2021 season.  As this process gets underway, we will keep everyone updated via our website and e-mails.

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