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Belle River Soccer is always on the look out for new coaches for our House League and our Travel program.  Head coaches will receive their very own coaches shirt.

If you are interested, please email:

Season Schedule

Hello, Belle River coaches and thank you for your time!

A new schedule will be posted when the scheduling is complete and the 2020 season is announced.

Reasons to Coach
  1. You’ll get to spend more time with your child
  2. You’ll expand your social network (and we don’t just mean your Facebook friends)
  3. You’ll develop new skills
  4. You’ll learn and re-learn life lessons
  5. You’ll get a work out (and be a good role model)
  6. You’ll come away with a sense of pride and accomplishment
  7. You’ll have fun

The score has nothing to do with the teams success:

There’s a reason sport films often feature the clichéd coach pep talk — you know the one, where the speech starts out quietly, full of motivational words, and invariably ends with all the players screaming as they run towards their victory. It’s because that’s the part of coaching that encompasses what it is to be a great coach: motivational, inspiring, passionate; the heart and soul of the team.

An article in the Huffington Post (see below) beautifully highlights the 35 things that make a brilliant coach. Each point is worthy, and while there are some listed that are specific to coaches, when you break it down, what emerges is that what makes a great coach is also what makes a great parent: listening, respect, compassion, engagement, empathy, humour, patience, communication, a positive nature, and flexibility.

Most importantly, what is not on the list is how many times their team is victorious, or the number of all-star athletes on their roster. Just as you wouldn’t call yourself a bad father because your child is having difficulty with math, a strong coach doesn’t consider herself a failure because Billy still can’t score a breakaway.That coach would just try, as a parent would, to keep Billy motivated, feeling good about himself, and thinking how to teach her player a new way to sharpen his game.

Great coaches aren’t just found in Disney films and they shouldn’t have to look like Matthew McConnaughey, Josh Lucas, or Denzel Washington to be valued. It’s time to recognize them for all they do to help our kids become better athletes and better people.

Brilliant coaches

Our brilliant coaches at the 2018 Coaches Breakfast

Coaches Breakfast 2018