Adult League

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Who can play:

Ages:  30yrs to 130yrs (everyone who is between those ages can play) 

Purpose of the league:

Adults are often busy and forget to make time for adult physical activities.  We sit in a car, drive our children to a soccer game, complain that there is no parking, then we walk to a field (complaining all the way from the car to the field that the field is too far from the car) We then sit on a chair or stand and watch our full energy child run and get in shape while we wither away.   This league is about you running and playing and having fun! This league is to remind you how soccer is meant to bring people together, to stay active and to have fun!


Will the soccer be good quality?
(laughing)… no… not even close… (still laughing)

I want to play good soccer, is that ok?
Ok. We have a team for you, but this league is where you take it down a notch and play to meet people, unwind, and have fun!

I want to join but what do I do with my kids on Friday nights?  
They cannot play in this league. However, you can bring them and let them play for 60 minutes in the available soccer fields. Or they can watch you. Or you get a babysitter.

I’m out of shape, I haven’t run anywhere in 30 years! Should I still play?  
YES! The more out of shape you are, the better this league will be.

Summer league format: 

*May to August
*Friday evenings outdoor soccer 
*6:30pm to 7:30pm (This still gives everyone the rest of their Friday night to enjoy).   
*60min games.  No Halves.   Sub on the fly.  
*7v7 on our 9v9 Fields.  
*Everyone on the team must play.  
*14 players max per team.
*Come to as many games as you can.
*If you miss games that’s ok, you still paid full price.
*Jerseys will be provided.   There is a size for everyone!
*Bring your own soccer shoes and shin guards, socks and shorts.  
*Bring your own defibrillator.
*Bring your own beverage.
*Since we all have jobs, rough play will not be tolerated. We must avoid injuries at all cost.  Fun NOT Fractures.
*Year end party for all players.


$80 per player. Includes season end party.


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