About Belle River Minor Soccer



Belle River Minor Soccer is more than a large soccer club, we’re an organization which fosters an environment for learning, athleticism, and communication through our very popular league.

To contact a member of our 2017/2018 Board of DIrectors please email: roddemars@hotmail.ca

Soccer Makes Happy Kids

Soccer is a great sport for kids. It promotes aerobic activity, strengthens the bones, and stretches the muscles. Plus it’s not high impact like hockey, basketball, or baseball so there is less of a chance of suffering a serious injury. What’s more, kids who get involved in sports are less likely to get in trouble and generally have better grades than those who don’t participate.

And there’s more. In addition to promoting fitness, soccer is ideal for building social skills and boosting confidence. Because when you play a sport like soccer, communication with your teammates is a must have. When you’re on the field there’s no misreading a player’s signal, body language, or intentions. It’s all out in the open as team actions reign over individual actions. Teamwork matters here at Belle River and we want to give kids a chance to develop the confidence they need while forcing them to interact differently from the classroom.

Become a Sponsor

Belle River maintains a large number of fields. Donations are always needed to ensure we continue to maintain a safe playing environment for our teams and, over time, we expect permit fees to increase which increases our overall field maintenance costs. As a result, this expense cannot be covered by player fees alone. Thankfully, this is where your volunteerism and donations can make a difference.

Donations Count!

Belle River Soccer is thankful for company sponsorships. All of these businesses have made a difference in o ur club with their generous donations. And when companies give to our program, they get something back too. Every sponsor gets their name printed on club material which can include player shirts, our website and social pages.